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Atali Samuel


Hello, I'm Atali – your very own personal and professional paparazzi, with a creative twist!

Spanning over a decade, my photography journey has been a whirlwind of capturing captivating moments. From dynamic branding photography to orchestrating large-scale corporate and private events, and crafting heartwarming family portraits – I've immersed myself in various genres as a seasoned lifestyle and commercial photographer.

My lens has an insatiable appetite for genuine emotions, the enchanting interplay of natural light, and the delicate dance of composition. And let's not forget the secret sauce: forging real connections. With a past life as an E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor, my ability to thread together intricate details is second nature. Think of me as an artistic conductor, harmonizing elements like lighting, background, movement, personality, and ambiance into one captivating visual symphony.

Each image I capture is a unique masterpiece. I approach every shot as a canvas, meticulously painting with light, emotion, and story. My mission? To delve deep into the heart, evoke laughter, ignite aspiration, and forever capture moments that brim with affection and significance.

"Photography is about manipulating light & creating lines and curves that elicit an emotional response".


Are you ready to craft some photographic magic? Let's collaborate to immortalize memories that exude warmth and connection, whether it's in the world of branding, grand events, or treasured family moments


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