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Boudoir + Bridal


Whether you’re considering a gift idea for your beloved, want to surprise them with something special, or feel empowered by your lovely body, boudoir photography is always a great idea.


Boudoir photographs are a wonderfully intimate gift that celebrates your romantic and sensual side. Not to mention, they’re exciting to have taken, as well as terrific confidence boosters. Choosing the right photographer is the key to guiding you into poses that reveal your natural assets while concealing elements you aren’t comfortable with.

Atali Samuel Photography and Natural Light Studio

Boudoir photographs are as stylistically unique and creative as any other type of photography. However, they focus on the client’s seductive identity as a sensual being. This type of photograph can also be quite subtle while still remaining intimate and suggestive.


Although boudoir photographs are very popular gifts for a woman to give her male partner, anyone – male or female, straight or gay – can have them taken or would appreciate receiving them as a gift from their partner. More people and more snapping sexy selfies on the fly these days, but only a special few will put forth the effort to have photos like these professionally or artfully taken. In fact, boudoir photos are perhaps as romantic and personal a gift as a piece of jewelry, so giving them is a significant gesture.


It’s not just your partner that benefits from your sexy photoshoot either. Many people love posing for boudoir photos because of how it makes them feel. Owning your sexuality and taking complete charge of it is already empowering, but posing for a boudoir-style session takes your confidence to the next level. Not to mention, it feels absolutely amazing to see yourself looking like a million bucks in photos that portray you at your sexiest and most sultry.


With a comprehensive “how-to-prep” guide and verbal planning session prior to your photoshoot, anyone, regardless of shape or size can channel their inner Victoria’s Secret model. It’s all about the setting, lighting, angles, props… and the right photographer creating a safe and relaxed photography experience.

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