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As we're all learning to pivot our way of life and come together as a community, I've launched a new unique photo genre to document these unprecedented times of families sheltering in place during COVID-19 in Dallas, Texas, and its surrounding suburbs.


Since March, I've been up many consecutive nights, chewing on the concept of offering the crazy idea of "Drive-By Photoshoots". The thought of generating a sense of normalcy to the uncertain world really warmed by heart. Since I've indefinitely lost all my event photography bookings, what better way to reach out and do something cool with people (without touching them) than to offer an at-home photo session on their front steps. Whether you are living alone or a household of 10 including furbabies, I've got you covered. 

SESSION INFO: I come to you for a 30-minute session on your front porch or yard or backyard - you choose. Get dressed up! Don’t dress up at all. Is it just you and your pet? That counts! As far as payment. I will not turn away any donation because let's be honest my livelihood is at a standstill. This is a perfect way to support a small woman-owned business while receiving a memorable keepsake to look back on the light-hearted side of this pandemic.  So, let's have some fun. Get yourselves as photo-ready as you'd like (especially if you’ve been feeling frumpy and in jammies for days) and I’ll be waiting for you on your sidewalk/driveway – at the very least 6-10 feet away with my camera gear. All you have to do is walk outside – I’ll take care of the rest!

WHAT YOU GET: 30-minute session at your location complete with plenty of final edited images, digitally delivered for you to download and print via a private online album.  Regarding a suggested donation amount, folks have asked (and there's no way to not make it awkward) average donations range from $100-$200 for the complete package. Donations can be made via Venmo @atail-samuel

HOW TO BOOK: Scroll down to request a session. Make sure to select a time when your front / step / porch yard is mostly shaded. I'll confirm your appt via email and happy to answer any questions in the process.

CREATIVE IDEAS: All props are welcome including signs, cleaning supplies, sundries, pets, beverages of choice, deliveries of choice, costumes, etc.... the possibilities are endless. These are also great way to celebrate Mother's Day, Graduations, High School Seniors, Anniversaries, and postponed Weddings. 

Thank you for supporting your local photographer - Hope to see you soon! 

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